About Us

Mortgage Insurance Quotes is collaboration of local independent insurance brokers who share there knowledge and experience of insurance by blogging to make choosing the right insurance coverage less daunting. We are also a showcase on the Canadian insurance industry.

Independent brokers have a distinct advantage over traditional insurance agents. While your traditional insurance agent offers insurance from one carrier, a broker may access any product or carrier in the market place. It’s in our best interest to be unbiased and to present the industry how we see it because product trends come and go but proper service rests in prudent decision making. Brokers do not have a corporate message but only an opinion and we want to share that opinion with everyone.

Not only do we present insurance education but we promote local business by showcasing the Canadian independent insurance broker. Everyone of our licensed brokers will be showcased on our website, blog and via social media by Mortgage Insurance Quote to make the process of choosing a broker less time consuming. You can now get to know your broker online before meeting him/her saving you the time meeting the wrong broker. In finance, relationships are key and we want to simplify that relationship building.

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